Our Mission

Make graphic design simple,
easy and fun for anyone who
needs to layout things.


Here's how we can work together

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Learn InDesign Fast
One Day Workshop

Learn precisely how you can get InDesign to do exactly what you want and accelerate your design career in a day.

Learn the incredible tool that every successful graphic designer uses to publish their books, finish their presentation layouts, and have their work seen by hundreds, even millions of people, every single day.

The aim of the workshop is to make sure that you never, ever struggle with the basics of InDesign again. Ever!

Best for: Graphic design beginners who realise that professional, dynamic and organised pages yield more respect.

Investment: £250


Graphics for Busy Professionals
Lunchtime Session

Design and typographic principles for the visual novice.

This lunchtime session will not take the place of years of design school. However, I guarantee that after this session you will never look at a page the same way again. I guarantee that if you follow the basic principles you learn here, then your work will look more professional, organised, unified, and interesting. And you will feel empowered!

Best for: All the people who need to design things, often at work, but have no background or formal training in design. More specifically, this is for the assistants whose bosses now tell them to design the newsletters; the statisticians who see that numbers and stats can be arranged in a way that invites reading instead of snoring; and the professionals who realise that an attractive presentation garners greater respect. And on and on.

Investment: £100

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Website Audit
One-time Coaching Call & Email Support

Let’s not redesign your website from scratch. Instead, let’s do an audit of your current website and re-launch it with a bang.

We will create a game-plan with practical ways that you can improve your current website to create an interesting, dynamic and organised impression with clients and customers online. Simple. Easy. Professional.

Best for: Anyone who wants to re-launch with a professional, dynamic, organised website - all in a supportive, guided, goal-focused, accountable, and conscientious work environment. And we’ll do it fast.

Investment: £200


Hello. It's very nice to meet you.

I’m here to help you put your best foot forward visually through professional designs. For me, giving great service is first, last and everything. I mentor because I'm chuffed to see nice people do well in life.

What clients are saying about working together:

“If you need someone to re-inspire you, to encourage you, to guide and support you, and to lead you to achieve your goals, then work with Lallu. I believe that she has the ability to bring out the best in people who might not even know that they had that inside them!”

– Isabelle, Wellness Professional, Of The Sun