Let’s not redesign your website from scratch. Instead, let’s do an audit of your current website and re-launch it with a bang.

We will create a game-plan with practical ways that you can improve your current website to create an interesting, dynamic and organised impression with clients and customers online. Simple. Easy. Professional.

Here's what the process looks like:

First, we start with prep work. After you book your session, I’ll send you a shared Google Doc with some questions about your business, your website goals, target audience, products and services, and analytics.This will give me some insight into what you want to accomplish with your website, and allow me to come up with a game plan before our day together.

Then, we’ll meet over a 90-minute Skype call to discuss the game plan for your website updates. I’ll give you actionable steps for the changes that need to be made along with useful tools and resources to accomplish them. There is no need to write everything down either - I’ll share an outline ahead of time so that you can follow along throughout our call. Of course, our call will also be recorded so you can refer to it later.

And finally, I’ll follow up with notes and a guide to re-launch your website! Once our call is over, I’ll provide you with notes from our call, as well as action steps to launch your site - a big project like this is worth celebrating!

This package is for you if...

  • You realise that an attractive website yields more respect.

  • You are in need of some guidance on how to turn your ideas into a brand or business, let alone a website.

  • You have put off building a website for some time, and need someone goal-focused guidance to help you make it happen.

  • You acknowledge that everyone starts somewhere, and you are ready to take action even if that means starting with a basic website.

  • You want to be held accountable to actually get your website up and running.

What's included:

  • Prep-work for you to do ahead of our call.

  • An outline for our call.

  • A 90-minute Skype call.

  • A thorough game plan for re-launching your website.

  • E-mail support for accountability, guidance, and encouragement for 30 days after our session.

Your investment?

Just a few slots left for April 2019!


Here’s what one of my clients said about working together:

“Before working with Lallu, my main challenge was having the confidence that I can create a brand and work independently – that my ideas were viable and with the right execution could be achieved in a logical and practical way.

Working with Lallu has taught me a lot. The moment I met her, she instilled a confidence in me because I felt she was excited about my ideas and confident that she could help. Our conversation flowed so naturally and ideas just came to me – I found her to be a brilliant listener and she anticipated my needs before I even said anything. Since working together, I have not only learnt a lot about myself and the way in which to improve my effectiveness at work, but I have also created a finished website which I never imagined might be something I could achieve this quickly! Lallu works methodically, thoroughly and in a way that is supportive and personal. In moments where I felt unsure throughout the process, she instilled reassurance and compassion but also accountability. This was really important for me. I felt that she was very invested in helping my ideas become reality, which made me very serious about preparing the content for us to work with to create a website. In terms of how I have changed throughout our time together, I have developed a much greater sense of awareness to how quickly something can happen if you have the right support and guidance!

Lallu is a fantastic mentor. She is a great listener, anticipates needs, and encourages you to make decisions, which is a brilliant attribute. She is goal focused yet caring and encouraging. Her work ethic, knowledge and approach are truly inspiring. She is a natural teacher and an incredible graphic designer.

I would say to any friend that if you need someone to re-inspire you, to encourage you, to guide and support you, and to lead you to accomplish your goals, then work with Lallu. I believe that she has the ability to bring out the best in people who sometimes might not even know that they had it inside them!”

– Isabelle, Wellness Professional, Of The Sun

If you would like someone to support you to take decisive action on your website, and work beside you to translate your ideas into a thoughtful and professional website that you will be proud of, then this is for you.

Just a few slots left!